PJ in PG

This is the PG Man, who watches over the city of Prince George, British Columbia, just outside my hotel. He’s painted to look like he is made of wood (this is a serious pulp and paper town!), but he’s actually made of iron.

I’m in PG touring as part of the TD Canadian Children’s Book Week, an annual festival that sends authors all over the country. I was very lucky to get sent here, to this stunning province, for the very first time in my life.

After one day, I’ve done three presentations at three schools and seen hundreds of great kids. It’s been really fun with thunderous applause and a shout of ”EPIC!” in the case of at least one girl.

Yesterday while touring the town on my day-off, I also saw a Boston Pizza on fire. You know, it’s quite something to look into a restaurant and see all its tables aflame. A Blockbuster video store was also destroyed, I’m told.

That’s all the news from Prince George for now. Here’s the PG Man again, watching the Boston Pizza burning in the distance.